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TRUTH: You Can Get Incredible Weight Loss Results and Sculpt a Strong, Slim, Sexy Body Without Ever Stepping Foot In a Gym or Paying for an Expensive In-Home Trainer

“Now YOU Can Get the Beautiful Body You Want Without Going to the Gym, Using Fancy Equipment, or Buying Whacky Infomercial Gizmos to Use at Home… In Only 30 Minutes a Day!”




  • Finding time to “fit in fitness” is really hard for you…

  • Going to the gym is as much fun for you as getting a double root canal…

  • Hiring a personal trainer is just not in the budget…

  • Eating food that tastes like cardboard and being hungry all the time isn’t your “cup of tea”…

  • You simply have no idea what to do to lose your unwanted weight and stubborn fat deposits on your abs, arms and ass…


Then what I have to share with you today just may be the PERFECT SOLUTION FOR YOU….

But, before you read another word about this amazing program, let me be very clear on one thing…

While I AM going to share with you the EXACT exercise and nutrition programs we use successfully every day with our clients (and ourselves), I do want to make it VERY CLEAR that this is NOT a “magic pill” program – you WILL have to do some work here. If you’re not willing to sweat and push yourself outside your comfort zone (with exercise AND nutrition) then you need not read another word…

IF, however, you’re ready and willing to follow the path that we’re going to lay out for you AND guide you through (you will have us as your coaches) then read on to…

Discover the Most Valuable At-Home Weight Loss and Fat Burning Fitness Coaching Program on the Planet!

Dear Friend,

Let me come right out and tell you, I’m soooo not into BS hype, fast-talking sales pitches, and empty promises… In fact, I really don’t enjoy the “sales” portion of being an elite level personal trainer.

My passion is in the exercise program design and coaching side of the business. I’ve been studying program design since I first got into fitness as chubby teenager who wanted a better body and more self-confidence. That was more than 25 years ago…

My wife, and business partner Janell, is even less interested in having to sell. She prefers spending her days learning (she’s always reading about nutrition and/or psychology) and sharing her knowledge with our clients. Oh, and she loves discovering new and delicious recipes to pass along. :-)

Screen Shot 2014-12-17 at 11.19.48 AM

Justin & Janell Yule
Co-Owners of Chanhassen Fitness Revolution
Passionate Coaches Leading the INNER CIRCLE

So, what I’m going to do now, if I can have a few more minutes of your valuable time, is outline our SOLUTION for the clients we work with who don’t have the resources (time/money/location) to come to our personal training studio in Chanhassen, MN.

Sound good?

OK. Great!

Now, without going too deep into the science or psychology of weight loss and body sculpting (we’ll provide that info to those who want it in the program), I’ll just say there are basically FOUR things you need in place to succeed…

  1. An EFFICIENT & EFFECTIVE Training Program That is Easy to Follow and Fun to Do
  2. A Supportive Nutrition Program That Requires Little Cooking Skills to Make GREAT TASTING FOOD that Builds Lean Muscle and Burns Fat
  3. A Regular Dose of Education, Motivation and Inspiration to Keep You on Track To Becoming The Very Best Version of You
  4. A SOLID Support System that Connects You with Like-Minded Individuals On the Same Journey as You LED by Top-Level Coaches Who Truly Care About YOU.


That Is PRECISELY What You Get (And More) When You
Become An Exclusive Member Of Our Private INNER CIRCLE,  And The Results Speak For Themselves…

testimony5“I’ve been a member of Chanhassen Fitness Revolution for four years and I passionately believe in the services that Justin and Janell are providing. When I joined, I thought I was just going to participate in Drop a Dress Size in 21 Days program and give myself a jump-start back into a healthy lifestyle. That step to getting started was one of the best decisions I have made for my health and the health of my family. That step to getting started was one of the best decisions I have made for my health and the health of my family. It also led to me losing FIVE dress sizes and over 70 pounds! 

I’ve learned so much about fitness, nutrition and well being. I’ve discovered I have a passion cooking and enjoy making healthy recipes. During my time at FR I have participated in many educational programs and challenges. For me, some of the challenges have been about weight loss, some about cleansing/detoxing, and some about learning about myself and who I am. I truly believe that the knowledge I have gained at FR has filtered through to all areas of my life. I will continue to participate in the challenges offered because with every challenge I do, I learn something new, whether it is about nutrition, fitness, or myself. I feel such pride in my journey, in my state of good health, and in the way that I am now able to pass solid nutritional and fitness habits on to my children. And I am so grateful to Justin and Janell for their guidance and friendship.”

~ Shanna Ballsrud, Age 36, Wife, Mother, Business Owner from Minnetrista, MN


“Since joining Fitness Revolution, I have become CONSISTENT with exercising! The “scheduled” workouts hold me accountable and don’t allow any more slacking off, which happened way too much when I was at a big box gym or working out at home! I LOVE the camaraderie and support that we get at each training session, both from our talented and knowledgeable coaches as well as fellow members (of whom many have become great friends, too!).”

~ Michele Brick, Age 57, Wife, Mom, Lia Sophia Team Leader from Victoria, MN


testimony2“I found Chanhassen Fitness Revolution by accident. I was looking for a way to add strength training to my fitness routine. I wasn’t really sure if group training was what I was looking for, but have been delighted to discover a truly exceptional place.In addition to learning how to correctly use weights, resistance bands and body weight to workout, I have found an efficient workout “routine” that fits my life. I am surprised at how much I enjoy going to CFR; I actually look forward to it! I’ve made great gains in physical strength and, for the first time in my life, I feel like an athlete. Plus, as a true bonus, I have made new friends!

~ Becca Rausenberger, Age 44, HR Director, Wife, Busy Mom from Cologne, MN


testimony3“I have always considered myself athletic and I thought at different points in my life I was healthy. Boy was I wrong! It wasn’t until I joined Fitness Revolution that I learned the true meaning of being healthy.

What first attracted me to FR Chanhassen was the training program. Their approach was completely different from anything I had done previously. Through their individualized high intensity interval training program, I saw results very quickly. Each phase is unique and each day within the phase is different. I love the variety.

The training program increased my energy, metabolism and strength. Since I started training at FR, I also lost 35 lbs. and dropped from a size 12 to a size 2!

I would highly recommend Fitness Revolution to anyone wanting to take charge of his or her health.”

~ Shelly Kasid, Age 35, Teacher, Wife, Busy Mom from Chanhassen, MN


testimony4“My name is Greg and I’m a sugarholic. I didn’t realize it until I started at Fitness Revolution and learned how sugar impacts our way of living. I had friends make comments about my sugar intake, but I had always ate that way and my metabolism was good until the dreaded 5-0. Then came the day at the doctor’s office where my doctor looked me in the eye and told me I was obese. ME? Oh sure I had put on some pounds, but obese?

Well since joining Fitness revolution I am down 40 pounds and almost 2 pant sizes. I have learned how your diet and what you put into your body affects what you get out of your body. I have gone from a 20oz. coke and 2 donuts for breakfast to eating real food and loving it! I also learned how to cook and enjoy vegetables, which has floored my mother. Ha! Finally, I feel great and no longer take medicine for Chrohn’s Disease, heartburn, or gout.

~ Greg Heber, Age 52, Salesperson from Chanhassen, MN


testimony6Chanhassen Fitness Revolution does a lot to go above and beyond your typical gym, and one thing I love in particular is their focus on education. Every training phase I look forward to the “Method Behind the Madness” blog posts. In these, you get a real sense that Justin has a master plan and goal for each training phase. I like to know why we do the exercises we do and the science behind them, and those blogs address that. You go into each training phase knowing exactly what to expect and how to get the best results, and I find that incredibly helpful.”

~ Jen Nystrom, Age 34, Wife, Graphic Designer from Shakopee, MN


testimony7“To me the best part of Fitness Revolution is the social support. Janell and Justin are available to answer questions or give advice whenever you need it. It doesn’t even need to be fitness or nutrition related; it can be a simple recommendation of sunscreen. It’s nice to know I am not just another membership fee. The staff at FR takes time to know you as a person not just a client. It is not just about a place to exercise. Fitness Revolution is a community of people (trainers & clients alike) to help you make the best decisions for your health and fitness goals.”

~ Melissa Welliver, Age 33, Wife, Project Manager from Chanhassen, MN


testimony8My time at Chanhassen Fitness Revolution has by far exceeded my expectations. I have enjoyed the benefits of exercise for most of my life, but,I have always struggled to maintain healthy eating for extended periods of time. Within two weeks of joining CFR, Janell sat down with me and analyzed my eating journal. We made small changes that have made all the difference in the world.

CFR offers plenty of opportunities to learn about healthy nutrition through the educational newsletter, emails and blogs, and through the transformation challenges they offer. I like that Justin & Janell actually participate in the challenges and give us constant support and encouragement. They also encourage participants to support each other by sharing success stories and giving encouragement to those who are struggling. Justin and Janell have created a climate that encourages Members to succeed in meeting their fitness and nutrition goals.

With Justin, Janell and the CFR TEAM at my side, I’m looking forward to meeting the goals I have set for myself over the coming year as I celebrate 35 years of exercise.”

~ Lee Starr, Age 47, Certified Core Power Yoga Instructor from Norwood Young America


testimony9“The biggest thing for me is that I find motivation and support from my fellow Members; not to mention Justin, Janell and Cris – our team of super coaches! Even though we each come from different places in life, we are all ultimately striving to reach the same overall goals – healthy lifestyles, increased strength and feeling confident and good about ourselves both physically and mentally. It’s great to be among like minded individuals on a regular basis.

Every single person keeps me accountable and wanting to make it to my workouts; to keep it a priority in my life. As a “former” athlete, I like that I feel the competitive push from those that are stronger than me.

The private Facebook groups are a great addition to the overall program. They’re a terrific way to gain knowledge and find support from the Members and coaches of Chanhassen Fitness Revolution!!”

~ Jen G., Age 36, Nurse, Student, Outdoor Enthusiast from Minnetonka, MN


testimony10“I started at Fitness Revolution in September 2013. Coming off of a few vacations, I found myself the heaviest I had ever been (even at the time of the birth of both my children!) and knew I had to do try something different. I had been a member at the local ‘big box gym’, but my inexperience for how to actually workout kept me from ever meeting a goal I wanted.

I am a mother of three boys, working towards my PhD and working full time so excuses were really easy to come by. What I knew was that I wanted to be able to spend time with my children at the pool, playing sports, and goofing around but my weight was holding me back from doing all of those things. I was FAR to embarrassed to put on a swimsuit, was winded after a few kicks of a soccer ball and usually just sat and watched them play. Having been an athlete most of my life it was a very dark place to be.

I wasn’t really sure what I was getting into but I was confident that I was in the right place. The TEAM at FR made me feel at home, comfortable and showed me how to work out for ME. We personalize everything in our lives from our coffee to our phones to our vehicles. Why wouldn’t you personalize your workout? I remember setting my “goals” and writing down that I wanted to lose 50 pounds. I have accomplished many things in my life, including surviving cancer, but I just couldn’t imagine ever being able to conquer my weight issue.

Within the first month, I began to loose some inches, gain strength and most importantly self-confidence. I started a participated in the 21-Day Detox Challenge, which really kicked my weight loss into high gear. Learning from Janell what foods actually give your body what you need and which ones harm you and in what ways really changed my outlook on eating. All of this training was something I had never had before. Foods that I thought were healthy were really sabotaging me. I lost a few pounds with the first 21-Day Detox Challenge and some inches, but what I had really gained was the knowledge I needed to change my lifestyle. I continued pushing myself, signing up for each of different Transformation Challenges as it was the support and accountability I really needed.

I am coming up on my one year anniversary at Fitness Revolution and happy to say, that through the social support from fellow Members, the Facebook support groups, the personalized fitness training, the nutritional support and the education provided by Justin, Janell and the FR TEAM, I have accomplished my goal! Today, I am down 51 pounds and spent all last week on the beach, IN my swimsuit, with my children. Something I haven’t been able to do since they were born. :)”

– Brenda Vogds, Age 36, Wife, Mom, Teaching & Learning Supervisor from Chanhassen, MN


testimony11“When I joined Fitness Revolution my goal was to get back into the shape I was in when I was younger. My main focus was to shed some fat and gain some muscle. I wanted to look strong, healthy and sexy. I was a member of several other gyms and was always unsuccessful in achieving my goal.

Then I found Fitness Revolution. Justin’s training sessions helped me gain the muscle. Janell’s nutrition program taught me how to eat, what to eat and when to eat – – it helped me lose the fat. The two definitely go hand-in-hand. I will turn 50 in a few months and I’m in the best shape of my life!

~ Julie Stuart, Age 49 from Eden Prairie, MN


There’s Something Else You Need to Know…

Janell and I practice what we preach.

If we didn’t, we’d both be fat, tired and unhappy. Neither of us were “blessed” with those great genetics and naturally fast metabolisms that allow you to eat junk food, not exercise and look amazing – don’t you just hate those people? ;-b

Plus, we’ve actually come to enjoy our daily routine of healthy (delicious) eating and stimulating exercise. You will, too!

Janell and I both know and understand the struggles of being overweight – feeling uncomfortable in our skin, and being embarrassed to wear a bathing suit or revealing clothes in front of friends. We both started our fitness journeys on a quest to better ourselves, which eventually led to us meeting and ultimately falling in love. :-)

Today, we’re blessed to be able to work together and share our passion for living a healthy and fit life with the Members of our Fitness Revolution INNER CIRCLE…

Since starting our fitness careers we’ve literally helped thousands of clients across the nation (even around the globe now) lose weight and get in better shape than they ever thought possible.

We’ve been fortunate enough to be featured in USA Today, Fox, CNBC, CBS, My29, The Star Tribune, Southwest Newspapers, NY Daily News, Newsday, and many others. I co-authored an International Best-Selling Book and became a member of America’s Premier Experts. We continue to work hard to develop and share more great educational content through our newsletters and blog…

I’m not sharing any of this to impress you, but to impress upon you that we “get it.”

We know what it’s like to balance being SUPER-BUSY running our small family business with trying to take care of our health & fitness, AND still find time to enjoy each other…

We’ve spent the last several years (almost 3 decades combined) guiding and supporting busy people with family, friends, careers, and personal ambitions get in the best shape of their lives

We’d be honored to share our programs and come alongside YOU as your fitness coaches today!

By the way, in case you’re interested, I’ll share our bios below. Otherwise, you can skip over them and I’ll outline precisely what you get when you join the INNER CIRCLE today…



Justin Yule,

BS, CPT, MTE, FMS is the President & Chief Fitness Officer of Fitness Revolution in Chanhassen, MN. He also serves fitness professionals worldwide as a business coach and subject matter expert for Fitness Consulting Group.Justin holds a Bachelor of Science in Physical Education with a Concentration in Adult Fitness. He is a certified personal trainer with the National Academy of Sports Medicine and holds multiple specialty certifications including Metabolic Training Expert, Kettlebell Coach, Resistance Band Training Specialist, Functional Movement Systems, and many more.

Justin has been helping clients achieve their health & fitness goals since 1997, and became a best-selling author in 2011 with his contribution to internationally best-selling book Total Body Breakthroughs. In addition, he has been nominated as one of the top Rising Stars in the Fitness Industry (2012), and was featured in USA Today as a member of the World Fitness Elite.



Janell Yule,

BS, CPT, FDN is the Chief Nutrition Officer of Fitness Revolution in Chanhassen, MN. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Health Promotion & Wellness with a Minor in Psychology. Janell is a certified Functional Diagnostic Nutrition practitioner, as well as a certified personal trainer with the National Academy of Sports Medicine.

Janell has been helping clients lose weight and feel great since 2005. She was voted Best Coach in Chanhassen in 2008 while working for a major national health club company. Today she focuses her time researching, developing and implementing nutrition & healthy lifestyle programs that help her clients look, feel and perform their very best in the gym, while they work and at home with their families.



A Unique At-Home Fat Blasting, Body Shaping System For Real People Who Want Real Results Following a Realistic Program…

As an exclusive Member of our Fitness Revolution INNER CIRCLE you’ll get all same benefits as those who train live with us each week in our Chanhassen personal training studio, including unlimited access to Janell and I to answer your questions and support you along the way!



Inner Circle Insider Advantage #1:
Expertly Designed Metabolic Workouts ($99 Value)

If you’re serious about losing weight, toning up, and even burning fat while you sleep, then Metabolic Resistance Training (MRT) is the way to go. MRT is a form of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) that involves total body, resistance-based exercises done in quick succession with little or no rest between. HIIT protocols use a variety of work to rest ratios performed for multiple rounds. Typical workouts last 10 – 30 minutes. They’re also W-A-Y more fun than traditional workouts! You’re going to love doing these workouts!!

Over the course of 12-months you’ll receive 8 strategically designed workout programs (YES, there’s a very specific reason for 8 vs. 12 that you’ll learn about), each with 3 individual workouts to be performed on non-consecutive days (e.g. M/W/F). These are the SAME workouts I design and coach our Members through at Chanhassen Fitness Revolution so you’ll be sure to get the same amazing results!

* You will get Instant Access to mp4 files you can view on your PC, tablet or smartphone*



Inner Circle Insider Advantage #2:
Comprehensive Nutrition Manual with a Delicious Done-for-You Meal Plan & Recipes ($99.95 Value)

You will be BLOWN AWAY by what you learn in this nutrition manual…and the recipes will shock and awe you and your family. Janell lays out everything you need to know – the TRUTH about weight loss & healthy eating – in a way that’s easy to digest and put into action.

Did I mention the recipes are delightfully delicious? ;-) Our Members are constantly raving about the recipes Janell provides – they’re always taking pictures and posting them in our private forum.

* You will get Instant Access to a PDF you can download, print & view anytime*





Inner Circle Insider Advantage #3:
The Insider Newsletter ($19.95 Value)

This is one of MY favorite parts of the program; Badger’s, too. ;-b Our Chanhassen Fitness Revolution members were really happy when I added this to their membership.

The Insider is our 16-page print newsletter where we share all kinds of exercise, nutrition and personal development wisdom. Plus, we let loose a little, have some fun, and share what’s been going on at Chanhassen Fitness Revolution and in our personal lives.

In addition, we feature a Member Success Story, highlight our newest FR Rock Stars, and celebrate wins. Of course, the most anticipated column each time is Badger’s Backyard where Badger shares his latest puppy antics and offers his unique point of view on various fitness topics. :-)

* You will receive an actual print newsletter via mail – 8 issues per year*



Inner Circle Insider Advantage #4:
Secrets of Their Success Interviews ($29.95 Value)

Each month we have our professional writer, Jen Grant, take one of our most successful Members out for a “coffee talk” where they have a no-holds barred, completely open & honest discussion about their journeys with Chanhassen Fitness Revolution. These heart-warming conversations will inspire and motivate you to stay on track even when the toughest obstacles show themselves. If they can do it, so can you!

* You will get Instant Access to mp3 files you can download & listen to on your PC, tablet or smartphone*



Inner Circle Insider Advantage #5:
Nutrition Hot Sheets ($9.95 Value)

The quick reference, done-for-you 7-day Meal Plan will lay out a simple-to-follow meal plan that you can easily rotate through until the next issue. Of course, you can mix in all the new recipes you’ll get each week in the forum as well (see below). Plus, on each the backside of each sheet, Janell will share useful nutrition tips, a helpful product review and/or a Cliff Notes® style Book Review of one of the latest “must-read” books.

* You will receive an actual printed sheet via mail (with The Insider Newsletter) to hang on your fridge*



Inner Circle Insider Advantage #6:
Private Forum to Get the Daily Support You Need to Succeed (Priceless!)

A well-connected and supportive community of like-minded friends is something we love providing (AND being a part of) our INNER CIRCLE Members. Even I was amazed at the positive response we got when we first started our private forum – a fun-to-use, easy-to-access anywhere, anytime Facebook Group.

Here you’ll get your questions answered, share your wins, get & provide support, and have FUN! There’s real strength in numbers when you surround yourself with those on the same mission as you…




Everything You Need to Achieve Your Goals at a Tenth of the Cost of a Group Training (Bootcamp) Program…



About 60 Times Less Expensive Than Hiring a 1:1 Personal Trainer!









From today on you will have access to the tools and coaches you need to get the weight loss & fitness results you want AND deserve…


Become an Exclusive Member of the Chanhassen Fitness Revolution INNER CIRCLE Now for ONLY $49.95 $19.95/month*

Register Now!
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*You can cancel your membership at anytime without hassle. :-)



In Case You’re STILL On The Fence, Please Consider This…



Screen Shot 2014-12-18 at 3.30.57 PM


You may not be a big fan of what I’m about to say…
but it’s important for you to hear (read)


If you’ve read this far than the reality is you need a program like this. You either don’t have the knowledge to design your own programs (after all, you didn’t go to school for this or haven’t been studying for decades like we have benn) or you lack the social support structure to succeed (your friends and family just aren’t as ready as you to make a positive change).

Or, maybe you’re just that person who has a hard time putting yourself FIRST.

If that’s the case, let me run this one by you…

Being selfless and worrying about everyone else’s needs above your own WILL eventually backfire. If you’re not already there, you will become depressed, tired, lose your self-confidence and constantly battle your way through life.

How’s that going to work out for all those people you’re trying to be there for when you can longer function properly?

What sort of example are you setting for those you want to be a role model for?

Not only do you deserve to look and feel great, you need to be the best version of you to be the best person you can and want to be for those you care about.

The secret is to put your own oxygen mask on first before you try to help anyone else. Just as in flying, you can’t effectively help someone else if you don’t take care of yourself first.

If you don’t take care of YOU first, you’ll have less to share with the world. Taking time for you isn’t selfish- it’s the best thing you can do for yourself and for others! Lead by example…

It’s time to spend some of your hard-earned resources (a little money and a little bit of time) on YOU, but don’t worry because there’s no risk!

My Risk Free Register Now
30-Day 100% Money-Back Guarantee



Screen Shot 2014-12-18 at 3.31.09 PM



Look, I’m not here to sell you anything. I’m a coach first and foremost who wants to help you achieve your goals. So, when you register today I’m going to give you 30 Days to “test-drive” the INNER CIRCLE to see if it’s right for you.

IF, after you receive the manual, recipes, newsletters, videos & audios, and spend time in our private forum, you’re not completely satisfied for any reason just send us email at and I’ll COMPLETELY REFUND your membership, PLUS you can keep all the physical products and downloads you received to date.

Fair enough?



Become an Exclusive Member of the Chanhassen Fitness Revolution INNER CIRCLE Now for ONLY $49.95 $19.95/month*

Register Now!
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*You can cancel your membership at anytime without hassle. :-)


Just Imagine Being the Envy of All Your Friends…

C’mon. Indulge a little. Go ahead. It’s OK.

Stop for minute and think about how awesome it will be when your friends start asking you what you’re doing:

“You look amazing! What’s your secret?”
“Have you been working out or something? You look incredible!”
“What’s the deal with you? You’re so positive lately, and you look fantastic!”


Now, let’s really have some fun…

Imagine how awesome it will be to shop for a new (much sexier) wardrobe…

  • No more baggy, unflattering clothes!

Picture yourself on the beach showing off your new hot body…

  • No more hiding under a big t-shirt – show ‘em what you’ve got!

See yourself in the mirror coming out of the shower and being truly HAPPY…

  • Walk around naked and feel great about it!


Pretty fun to think about, isn’t it?

Well stop thinking about it and start making it a reality! Like I always say,




Become an Exclusive Member of the Chanhassen Fitness Revolution INNER CIRCLE Now for ONLY $49.95 $19.95/month*

Register Now!
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*You can cancel your membership at anytime without hassle. :-)


Janell and I are so excited to have you join our exclusive club of successful INNER CIRCLE Members!





Justin Yule, BS, CPT, MTE, FMSC
President & Chief Fitness Officer
Chanhassen Fitness Revolution
Editor-in-Chief, CFR INNER CIRCLE


P.S. – The Chanhassen Fitness Revolution INNER CIRCLE is our private coaching group that will give you the tools and resources you need to lose weight, get fit, and achieve your best body ever. Plus, you’re really going to enjoy being part of the incredible group of Members who support each other and share best practices to deal with everyday life while staying healthy & fit.

P.P.S. – Remember, with my 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee you have absolutely nothing to lose…except some unwanted fat, of course! ;-) You’ll get to experience all the benefits of the INNER CIRCLE including the manual, recipes, newsletters, videos & audios, and spend time in our private forum for a full 60 days…. Then, IF you’re not completely satisfied for any reason just send an email to and I’ll COMPLETELY REFUND your membership, PLUS you can keep all the physical products and downloads you received to date.


Become an Exclusive Member of the Chanhassen Fitness Revolution INNER CIRCLE Now for ONLY $49.95 $19.95/month*

Register Now!
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*You can cancel your membership at anytime without hassle. :-)


Disclaimer: The FTC requires me to tell you what a “typical” result is. The truth is this: most people never do anything with the products they buy, so most of the time, their typical results are zero. Your results will largely be determined by your ability to follow the program. This is not some magic pill. What you put into this program will determine what you get from it.